Journal Entry: 24/03/2023



I don't go to bed until I,

Do the main tasks I have on TickTick App and do python 


Daily Affirmations

Book I Read

Think and grow rich


Today, I am grateful for:

Every breath I take and how universe is offering anything I want

The universe for giving me everything I want

The person I have become is athletic, charismatic, and energetic

Coldness and the comfort of the country and life

Amazing family and friends I have in here and Sri Lanka

My beautiful wife who is there with me for everything

My consistency which helps me to grow as a person and a sportsman

My apartment which gives me the comfort I need

All the items I have which help my daily life to become more productive

the 2.0 version of me who give 120% everything I have and be the most successful person in the history of the mankind

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