Journal Entry: 23/03/2023



I don't go to bed until I,

I completed all the tasks on ticktick app and doing one day worth of python programming


Daily Affirmations

Book I Read

Thinking and Grow Rich


Today, I am grateful for:

The family who raised me to be the best version of myself.

The people that trust me in whatever I do

All the comfort I have and I wish everyone to have this comfort in their life.

My amazing attitude towards entrepreneurship and building my own business.

Having the wife I always needed and having faith in me.

The weather which I love to be in and feel the coldness.

My healthy body and Its future transformation.

The new habits that lead me on the right path to success.

With every breath, I inhale and the environment around me.

The way people look at me with love and as if they saw a hero walking next to them.

Everything I had, have, and will have in the future.

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